The Indian laser market – your opportunity

Laser live demonstration

India is emerging as a technology hub with its expertise in telecommunications, electronics, manufacturing, automotive and ancillary segments.

Today many industrial segments require precision and quick turnaround of their processes.
These can be accelerated by modern technologies. One of the most efficient is the laser and photonics technology, owing to tremendous power, flexibility, speed and quality of execution.

The applications of photonics can be found in almost every field including information technology, manufacturing, lighting, automotive, security, jewellery and medical sciences, to name a few.

The Indian government has identified Photonics as a priority area (National Photonics Council, Department of IT). Some of the thrust areas include the development of Optical Fibre Communication, Biophotonics, Green Photonics, Special Optical Fibers-PCF (Photonic crystal Fibers), Optoelectronic Packaging, Nanophotonics, Photonic Crystal Fibres, Polymers for Photonics, Photonics Sensors etc.